Hello! My name is Suzanne Wille and I am a Professional Artist, Designer, & Stylist. I offer works in lots of mediums specializing in encaustic. I love design styling and offer those services also. I am also a mom of four great humans, and two pups. I am married to a great guy Jason. Thanks to the many blessings we have been given. The flexibility of Jason’s company for him to work from home. Travel when necessary to his company offices. We are packed up my business, sold our current home, and my art studio commercial buildings and heading to my home state of Florida. We are looking forward to our new adventures. So why not start fresh and new with everything. I am going to be moving my Art & Design Business to Florida. I will be focusing on our forever dream home build. I am calling it “Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow”. I would love for you to follow along as we start this adventure. You will still be able to find all the same things I offered before but in a new fresh way. Hang tight as we make our move and then I will start adding back in services and products. For commission art pieces drop me a message. God Bless and thanks for being part of my dream. and yes we did all of this during a pandemic….

So welcome and I hope you will join us on this journey.