Get it off the sand and onto paper! The FLOOR PLAN….

Finding the dream lot so unexpectedly was one thing (amazing & awesome) but planning the house well that is another thing. Jason and I have had the good fortune to have built two other homes from the ground up. The first one was semi-custom so we could make some basic structural changes and make all design choices. The next one was one we designed giving the builder the basic idea of what we wanted, and they put it together and we got to tweak with it a bit. However, this time we decided we wanted to really layout the rooms and styles ourselves. We decided to think about all the things we loved from each prior home and cool ideas all over the years. We looked at all the great design ideas on line and model homes we visited not to mention my experience. Once we decided what square foot was in the budget and how it would layout on the lot we got started. We made tons of pins cataloging a lot of them on my Pinterest page. CHECK IT OUT HERE Suzanne Wille Studios and Beach House & Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow. Looking at and loving spaces and getting them on paper in a way that actually works is a whole interesting thing in itself. I am going to post some images of the beginnings of our dream plan and how many times it was moved around. So much harder than you would think. I will be posting additional post on some other ideas and ways we came to decide on our floor-plan. I can only put so much in one post.. Will be posting where we ended up in a later post… Thanks for joining in on this journey…..

Clearing the Lot & Those Beautiful Trees!

Once the underbrushing was complete we got a tree survey. The survey showed us where all the trees on the lot are and the type of trees. There are so many old live oaks and sable palms that we wanted to keep. The house we are building has a lot of the trees that have to go. Sad but true we kept every tree we possibly could that would still allow us to build our home. The key buying part of the property and neighborhood we loved the most was the wild old Florida feel and vibe. Natural live oaks, palms, sea grapes, beauty berry bushes, and butterfly bushes. There are others not so nice like Brazilian pepper which is an invasive nightmare. Being close to the beach and lots of wildlife you have to watch out for wild life you might not see other places. We had to make sure we did not have any gopher turtle that would need to be moved to new home if found. We had none thank goodness because relocating a single tortoise will cost you in the range of $1000-$3000. Whew no Gopher Turtles… While clearing the lot we have encountered a family of land crabs who made a little colony in the front yard area close to the road. Did I mention messing with those is a $750 fine each. That area is not being worked on at this time and as of last week I have not see any land crabs in their holes.We did also see a bobcat. Check out some of the images of the lot clearing. Next post will be about our house plans and how we designed dream home. Thanks again for stopping in and following us on this journey. Hope this finds you well…

So we have the lot Now What?

TCBB (Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow) So now we have the lot and its time to start clearing the underbrush! Time to see what we have here… Wow look at all those trees… It is amazing how much can grow in the warm tropical Florida sunshine. We have various palms and amazing live oaks. Lots of invasive Brazilian Pepper and after many years and years of jungle growth. So many trees and a tree survey to help us decide where to place the house and driveway..Here are a few pics of the lot underbrushing only. Next post I will show the lot clearing… Thanks for following along…

Finding the Lot! Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow!

“Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow” is what I am calling our dream home build. Jason and I made the decision to move back to my home state and build our dream home. We made many trips to Florida before choosing our property to build on. Don’t get me wrong we also looked at houses new built to fixer uppers. We would visit family and friends in Florida and keep our eye out for just the right place. We knew we wanted to be in the areas from Stuart to Palm Coast. I was born and raised on the East Coast side so that was a no brainer for me.

On one of our trips we were driving the coast and looking at houses and properties. We landed on in front of a For Sale sign on this jungle looking lot. The lot was in a community of a small grouping of homes. I loved the vibe of the homes all different in style but all coastal beachy vibe. The lots are all half an acre or a bit larger but have an old Florida feel. So many live oaks, various palms and natural landscape. Did I mention the neighbors were all friendly too!

Jason had a conference in Orlando the next day so we put the lot in our list and thought we can look it up later this week. Off to Orlando we went. Jason went to the conference and I did some sight-seeing, shopping normal vacay stuff. One day towards the end of the week it was raining, and I thought I am going to look up the property and see what else we might want to look at when conference is over.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the property price had been dropped significantly an estate type sale. Jason and I talked about it at dinner and agreed it needed a second look. So the next day we headed back to Sebastian, Vero Beach area to look at the property and possible other real estate.

The drive was great, and it was mid-day when we got to the lot! We were surprised when we pulled down the street and there was a realtor, and her clients in rubber boots obviously walking the lot. There was a house for sale at the end of the street and we pulled in and talked for a few minutes and said we will just drive by the lot and come back in a bit. Driving past the lot our windows rolled down the Realtor waives at us and stops us she says this is a great neighborhood, beach access is deeded, and it should be at the top if your list! A second later she says these are my clients and they are looking at putting in an offer on this lot!

Jason and I drive to the end of the street and Jason who never makes a rash decision looks me straight in the face and says we need to buy this lot, let’s find a bank for pre-approval letter, and we can write offer. I was like WHAT! Back the train up! Well it just feels right and I agreed. . So off to the bank we went, and we get our pre-approval letter.  With our Pre-approval letter and a handwritten offer, photo from cell phone to make digital lol and off it went to Realtor.  She kindly responded to us in Florida we have this professional offer form we use. I said ok fine put it on that form and we will sign it. We got the offer in on the correct document and the next day offer accepted and the lot is ours…

More about the lot next post….

Hello Florida!

We made it to Florida! After weeks (months) of packing moving and selling properties, packing up the truck with the two pups and driving to Florida in a pandemic and pending hurricane that ended up a few gust and rain…

We have arrived in Florida! We are in our rental house and have been taking a few days to recoup if you call unloading the truck and getting stuff we need recouping….. lol. Friday our moving truck arrives then more moving but unpacking this time. I am looking forward to some down time and working on our new home stuff. I hope all of you have been doing great…Blessed to be back home in Florida…

It Started Here…

It started in South Florida where I was born and raised. This Florida girl moved away for a long time. Traveled and lived in many a place my heart always pulled me home. I would visit Florida at least one time a year most of my adult life. Getting our youngest kiddo off to college, and not in love with the winters up here in the North. It was time to get back home to my place by the ocean. Jason (my husband) is lucky to work for a great company and he will be able to work from Florida and travel to work when our world settles in. So we decided to find a place in Florida and this is where the new adventure begins. This Florida girl is going home and building our forever home. Follow a long as we go. “Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow” I am going to document it as we go along. Next up the property search!


Welcome to the new site for Suzanne Wille Studios! We are so glad you stopped in today. We are just getting things set up and running. We will have the same great art, design, classes, and creative stuff just a refreshed look. Be patient with us as we are smack dab in the middle of moving. Changes will continue as we go along.So keep on stopping in and see whats new. The home build will be called Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow so look for that as it will be the focus for a little bit…I am still available for some design work.

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