Floor Plan and Exterior come together!

I am excited to share what is the fly around of our dream home. Once the floor plan was figured out they had to see if we could make the roof line and engineering work. When you design your own home from scratch it does not always mean the outside will work with the inside. We worked super hard to have what we thought we wanted inside would line up outside. In the end after a lot of going back and forth and making sure the structural engineer would pass it it was complete. In Florida with those say the words dreaded hurricanes you have a lot of things to be able to build so your home will hold up and last through a storm. Our home is cement block and concrete, the roof is cemented into the concrete walls, the roof is metal, and we had to bring in a lot of dirt to get us nice and high up above sea level for flooding concerns. It was a lot of work and this is a mock up fly around of how it will look. There will be changes and color choices made but this is a good representation of what it’s going to look like. Would love your thoughts….

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