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Called Out..

I know I have been relaxed and almost nonexistent in my our dream home build posting. I have been called out by a few of you and I am setting it straight today. What crazy person would build a new home in a pandemic? We did and with that comes many challenges. I was so geared up and ready to get going and had all great intentions of writing and posting many times per week. I would sit down and get ready and I found out as our building has progressed there is not as much to write about. So many parts of the build seemed to look the same and take longer than you would think Pandemics cause lots of issues with many parts. Including out of stock, delays, cost, contractors and companies learning to work under Covid conditions. Some day soon when my home is complete I will look back on all of that and tell the complete story. I have photos all set to go and post them only to think hum what should I post next they all look the same. Sometimes it is the same weeks than months and sometimes (lots of times) work is at a complete stand still. I thought who is going to follow this and stay with me. So now I am going to speed up the build and share it with you so I hope you will stay with me as we go along. So let the good times roll, sit back and take a ride on the build a dream home train… Happy to have you along.

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