I know I have been promising to write, post, talk, and share all the excitement of building our dream home. The day we signed the contract to build our dream home was an amazing day. The lot was already ours, builder chosen, plans in our heads, and we were thrilled. One the drive back to Iowa to get our home on the market we went. We were enjoying a relaxed drive back stopping to take in the sites. We had started to hear about covid and as we would go from state to state we started to about more and more cases of covid in the USA.


So we got home and well all the world is in a pandemic. Well who wants to sell their house in a pandemic? Do you know what I mean have people walk through and touch all your stuff. How are we going to sell our house, how are we going to be able to watch and build our dream home? So many unknowns and no way to know what to do. God had been watching over us. We had sold our commercial business and property in the fall. So we waited and we all know how the pandemic has been. We put the home on the market and the people came and touched our stuff. I came home after each showing wiping everything down and dowsing the house with lysol spray. In the mean time finding a rental home for us in Florida while ours was being built was another thing. No rentals for 2 months I looked everyday and no luck. God once again was watching out for us as we were able to find a perfect rental home and sell our home.

Ok so now let’s talk about packing and moving many states. The trip was very strange lots of things closed and well staying in the hotels was a bit scary because I am a true germaphobe. Lots of sites to see but most closed so they were drive by’s.

Road trip gave us lots of time to think about the priorities in our lives. We are so blessed and thankful we could continue our journey and build our dream home. Next post is the rest of the trip and landing in Florida with a Hurricane coming. Check back for that post….Thanks for following along.

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