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Here is an introduction to our builder Trendsetters! Here are some of the reasons they feel are important in choosing them as a builder and we agree….

  1. Honesty/Integrity – This reason goes on the top of the list of why you should choose our company. Everyone at our business prides themselves on doing the right thing and being transparent. Far too often in construction you hear horror stories of people that have not been treated fairly. A home is a huge investment and the piece of mind of choosing a company that has integrity and trust is invaluable.
  2. Growth – We are always growing and trying to become better. We take the opinions of our customers and colleagues very seriously. No matter how many years we have been in the business we always try to remain teachable.
  3. Relationship –  We have been in business with some of our colleagues for decades. We have worked hard to nurture and gain trust within the industry, and it shows in the loyalty we have grown throughout the construction community. This also shows in the end relationship we have with our clients. The feeling you walk away with at the end of your build is so important to us, and we work hard to make that a priority.
  4. Experience – Trendsetters has been in business since 2004. Even before that Pat gained knowledge by working in the field. From the time he could work he was learning the ins and outs of construction and you can tell by how passionate he is about it. Tony is extremely detail oriented and loves the intricacies that come with custom home building, there truly is not a problem that comes to him that he does try to solve with 100% accuracy. You can feel confident when you know Tony is in charge, because he will evaluate every possible scenario and make sure that you are making the best choices when building your home.
  5. Unique – At trendsetters we love trying new things, this is not something that you will get when going to an everyday track home builder. We love a challenge. You can be sure if you bring us a unique idea, we will do our best to bring that to fruition.
  6. Quality – We work with vendors and subcontractors that make sure you are getting the very best in your home. We do no cut corners, and we want you to know that your home will be just as sound from the day it was built to 20 years from now.
  7. Family/Small business – We are a local family run business and pride ourselves on using local small business for our subcontractors and vendors as well. When you choose us you are supporting your community, and a family as well!
  8. Buildertrend – We have invested in a project management system that will keep both us and the clients on track when it comes to their home build. The communication tools of this program ensure that we are on top of all the details, and that the client will have access to every aspect of the process. We love being ahead of the curve when it comes to new technologies, and we believe that sets us apart from our competitors.

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