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We have been lucky enough to build two other homes. The homes were semi custom and custom so we have a bit of experience. We read all the articles and have the life experience to help us. The hardest part of the builder choice here was not knowing any of them. I interviewed and spoke to numerous builders in our community. There were a few that just were not a good fit for us to work with. It is important to remember that it is a relationship. The fact is you will be working with the builder and seeing them a lot. A custom home is a different experience than a production builder. There are lots of moving parts and lots of things are done on the fly as you move along. We looked for someone who was flexible with our thoughts on design and that would let us make choices with gentle guidance.

We chose our builder for the following reasons and many more: We liked them as people and knew we could work with them. We were comfortable with their knowledge, experience, and the quality of their work. Their reputation in the community. They were professional and timely in the process. They were a family business. There were are way to many things to mention in this post. Our choice for our builder is Trendsetters Construction. We are so excited to have them on this journey with us in building our dream home.

You can find them at www.trendsettersconstruction.com

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