Get it off the sand and onto paper! The FLOOR PLAN….

Finding the dream lot so unexpectedly was one thing (amazing & awesome) but planning the house well that is another thing. Jason and I have had the good fortune to have built two other homes from the ground up. The first one was semi-custom so we could make some basic structural changes and make all design choices. The next one was one we designed giving the builder the basic idea of what we wanted, and they put it together and we got to tweak with it a bit. However, this time we decided we wanted to really layout the rooms and styles ourselves. We decided to think about all the things we loved from each prior home and cool ideas all over the years. We looked at all the great design ideas on line and model homes we visited not to mention my experience. Once we decided what square foot was in the budget and how it would layout on the lot we got started. We made tons of pins cataloging a lot of them on my Pinterest page. CHECK IT OUT HERE Suzanne Wille Studios and Beach House & Turtle Cove Beach Bungalow. Looking at and loving spaces and getting them on paper in a way that actually works is a whole interesting thing in itself. I am going to post some images of the beginnings of our dream plan and how many times it was moved around. So much harder than you would think. I will be posting additional post on some other ideas and ways we came to decide on our floor-plan. I can only put so much in one post.. Will be posting where we ended up in a later post… Thanks for joining in on this journey…..

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