Clearing the Lot & Those Beautiful Trees!

Once the underbrushing was complete we got a tree survey. The survey showed us where all the trees on the lot are and the type of trees. There are so many old live oaks and sable palms that we wanted to keep. The house we are building has a lot of the trees that have to go. Sad but true we kept every tree we possibly could that would still allow us to build our home. The key buying part of the property and neighborhood we loved the most was the wild old Florida feel and vibe. Natural live oaks, palms, sea grapes, beauty berry bushes, and butterfly bushes. There are others not so nice like Brazilian pepper which is an invasive nightmare. Being close to the beach and lots of wildlife you have to watch out for wild life you might not see other places. We had to make sure we did not have any gopher turtle that would need to be moved to new home if found. We had none thank goodness because relocating a single tortoise will cost you in the range of $1000-$3000. Whew no Gopher Turtles… While clearing the lot we have encountered a family of land crabs who made a little colony in the front yard area close to the road. Did I mention messing with those is a $750 fine each. That area is not being worked on at this time and as of last week I have not see any land crabs in their holes.We did also see a bobcat. Check out some of the images of the lot clearing. Next post will be about our house plans and how we designed dream home. Thanks again for stopping in and following us on this journey. Hope this finds you well…

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