How do I book a session?

Because of the individual nature of these portrait sessions and time involved in creating the images, I only accept a select number of sessions each month to ensure personalized attention. Easy as one, two, and three use the contact form on the site..

How far in advance are you booked?

Certain times of the year, particularly during the holidays, book faster than others. Please call or email to check availability.

How much will my session cost me?

A 30 minute portrait session fee starts at $65.00

 How do I pay for the session?

SWS accepts checks, most major credit cards, and cash. Payment plans are available for purchase over $500.00

 Where will my session take place?

Sessions are in SWS indoor and outdoor studio or on location depending on session.

 What to wear?

Simple clothes and solid colors work best; don’t be afraid to choose fun, bright colors and experiment with silly hats and other accessories, especially for kids. Avoid logos and complicated or distracting prints. Denim looks great in black and white; generally speaking, wearing white will add 10 pounds, wearing black will subtract 10 pounds.

 What to wear Inspiration?

I love to refer people to my favorite online creative minds place Pinterest! If you don’t love it, you should!  I like to think of all the time it can save you from racking your brain on what to wear. Go straight to my style tip area for a link. If you still want some advice please contact the studio and we will be glad to chat about options for your session.

 Our session rocked when can we see our images?

Images will be presented to you at the studio in approximately 14 days.

 Can you Photoshop blemishes, wrinkles, etc? Can you retouch?

Yes, and clients love this extra service! However, my aim is always to get it right in-camera. Be sure to apply lip balm starting 24 hours before your shoot, and parents: wipe children’s mouths and the corners of their eyes right before entering the studio. It’s very time consuming to do in Photoshop what takes a few seconds to do before the shoot. Additional charges may apply if extensive retouch/Photoshop work is requested.

Can I bring my family/friend/ to out session?

Please bring only the people being photographed to your session unless you have discussed this specifically with the photographer beforehand. Children are extremely distracted by others in the room, which ultimately affects their ability to interact with the photographer. Many adults are somewhat uncomfortable in front of a camera, and there is no benefit to increasing that feeling with knowledge that even more people are “watching.”

 Do you offer a range of products like albums, canvas, metal, and cards?

Yes… We offer amazing top of the line professional products. See our The Boutique products area on the website.

 Do you offer digital files?

Yes… We offer digital files…

 Do you offer an online gallery for other family members to view and purchase?

Yes… all sessions will get a password protected gallery to share with their family and friends after their initial image presentation. This gallery will be available for 10 days…

 Why do I have to sign a model release?

SWS obtains a model release for every session and every person they photograph. This allows us to show our work to others like you who are looking for a “Personal Photographer. ” No exceptions

 What is Copyright?

Copyright is, literally, the “right to copy” a specific work. Copyright is owned solely by the originator of the work from the moment of its creation. Copyright violation, even if unintentional, is a violation of federal law and subject to prosecution. SWS owns the copyright to all images, including proofs. Images may not be copied, scanned or reproduced in any way without written permission from SWS.